The polymorphic bus of our company concerns about a perfect transfered car...


... properly to make your trip as much as comfortable as needs.

His functional, indoor rooms will truly impress you!

The polymorphic bus is used for a small or big number of persons for professional or individual occasions.

Offered services

  • advertising campaigns,
  • promote happenings,
  • movement of artists,
  • conference trips,
  • fillming movies
  • capability of transmission of 30 persons
  • Total office services with fax and internet
  • Bar with 3 refrigerators and icebox
  • dining room
  • lounge in independence in TV PLASMA, DVD, BAR and STEREO
  • Room for aesthetics cosmetology abd hairdressing
  • WC, shower bath
  • closet
  • mangle
  • Voltage 220 Volt
  • trailer 2mx6mx2,10m

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